Saving Uganda From Sin - Let's Talk About Sex
Let's Talk About Sex.

Saving Uganda From Sin - Let's Talk About Sex

GayUg Teen, a 'virgin' teen homosexual blogs about growing up in homophobic Uganda while Dr Margaret Mungherera tries to explain the meaning of sexual orientation.

By Olive Eyotaru Yemima
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First published: June 17, 2011

Saving Uganda From Sin - The UG Street Pulse on Homosexuality   Continued from:
Saving Uganda From Sin - The UG Street Pulse on Homosexuality

Watoto Children's Choir - I am Not Forgotten

You may have by now heard about Watoto Church’s apparent plans to help reform homosexual youth. If I were in the Western world I would be furious, because I know the dangers of reparative / conversion therapy all too well… but I’m in Uganda where the Ssempas of the world meet the Muhame’s. We’re in Uganda, home of bulls#*t rags that call themselves newspapers and post pictures of gay people calling for their hanging. We’re where gay people go to jail without trial or even face death because they’re different, so it may actually be a win situation for the Ugandan gay community. I know some of you might have lost me there, but well, let me explain...

Watoto Church is the first mega Church in Uganda let alone group that has actually come out to say they want to help the ‘gays’. I know it’s not exactly help but isn’t it a step away from the way the churches have been demonizing gay people. I mean, seriously, this can’t be worse than the ‘no room for discussion/ interaction, arrest them!’ attitude most people here have towards homosexuals… So it may be a small step in the right direction for Ugandans to realize gay people do not choose to be gay. It even makes the reality of gay people really being there more ‘put out there.’ Imagine if instead of churches here preaching against gays and for the Kill The Gays Bill, they actually started trying to ‘help’ the gays change… I know it's dangerous psychologically for the person they're trying to 'change', but I suppose we should roll with the lesser of the two evils. A parent somewhere is going to find out their kid is gay, they're going to take him to be reformed... He will seem reformed for a while but later they will find him out and realize he never really changed, and voila! we have a realization that people are born gay; well, in most cases, some parents will resort to throwing the poor kid out. Anything that will contribute to the shift in the homophobic mindset that is dominant here, I’ll tolerate. Not that I’m going to sign up to be ‘repaired’ or anything… I’d just rather I be looked at as someone who needs help when I actually don't, than a demon that should be destroyed... just saying.

Pastor Gary Skinner, Founder and Pastoral Team Leader of Watoto Church
Pastor Gary Skinner, Founder and Pastoral Team Leader of Watoto Church.

There are a few quotes by the church I find rather amusing though; “...identifying, providing care for and reforming homosexual youth, helping them re-integrate into society” Uhhh, okay… They want to identify us, and how do they plan on doing that??? Rounding up all the limp-wristed men in Kampala? They really had me at re-integrate! Ha-ha. I can assure you that the majority of LGBT youth have no problem with that… They have integrated themselves into society so much that there are probably a couple serving in your church, so much that many of them even talk ill of gay people, and by ill I mean vile and repulsive. They are at pulpits, they are in boardrooms, they are in hospitals, they are in your homes… Why are they hiding, you ask; because none wants to be demonized and persecuted. If anyone should teach the art of blending in, it is gay people, we have mastered it. We exist. We are everywhere! Be terrified! ; )

from Watoto Church's Plans for 'The Gays'
Date: Thursday, November 25, 2010
Written by: Blogger GayUg Teen (Student)
About Author: I love life. I'm nineteen years young going on twenty. My blog is a mirror of my emotions, interests, experiences and Adventures as a gay teen in homophobic Uganda.

Giles Muhame, editor of Ugandan Hang Them newspaper Rolling Stone
Giles Muhame, editor of Ugandan "Hang Them" newspaper Rolling Stone.

Dr Margaret Mungherera MD

The Transcultural Psychosocial Organisation (TPO Uganda) is a local Ugandan Non-Governmental Organization. TPO commenced operations in Uganda in 1994 with the aim of providing psychosocial support and mental health care to communities, families and individuals in conflict and post conflict settings.

TPO projects are themed along the following intervention areas;

  • Psychosocial support and mental health care
  • Child Protection
  • Gender Based Violence
  • Conflict Resolution and Peace Building
  • Care for HIV/AIDS orphans and other vulnerable children
  • Food Security and Livelihoods Improvement
  • Capacity Building & Training in Community Based Psychosocial and Mental Health Care

Dr. Margaret is a renowned Psychiatrist with over 25 years of practice in Uganda. By 2008, Dr. Margaret had been involved with TPO Uganda for over 10 years and as a Consultant Psychiatrist, she over saw the inception of the TPO sponsored Mental Health Clinics in conflict and post conflict communities and continues to do so. She has twice been a presidential appointee on the Universities Visitation Committee and on a National Commission of Inquiry into the management of Global Fund. Dr. Margaret also held the positions of President of the Uganda Medical Association and the government Forensic Psychiatrist.

Following the tabling of Anti Homosexuality Bill in Uganda’s Parliament and the consistent campaign against the practice, debate has been rife on whether the homosexuality or attraction to the same sex is a natural or learned behavior. We put this and more homosexuality-related questions to Dr. Margaret Mungherera, now a senior consultant psychiatrist for the Ministry of Health, at her Mulago Hospital office.

Dr. Mungherera, is there a medical link to homosexuality? How does one become gay?

There are two types of people who engage in homosexual behaviour. There are people who are born gay. These people have sexual feelings for people of the same sex and if the situation or environment allows, they will get involved in sexual activity with people of the same sex. Then there are people who are not born gay. They do not have any sexual feelings for people of the same sex... but become involved in sexual activity either through coercion or voluntarily for money and other material things. These people are not gay.

There are also people who are born bisexual. These are people who are able to experience sexual feelings for people of either sex.

Is there any such thing as a gay mentality?

There is no such thing as a “gay mentality”. Apart from having sexual feelings towards people of the same sex, gay people have the same attitudes towards life and can be useful to the community just like people who are not gay. The idea of “a gay mentality” is more often seen among communities that have criminalized homosexuality and will use that term to propagate the idea that gay people are dangerous to the community.

You've heard it said - "Who would choose to be gay? It's such a difficult life!" Try being Gay & Christian! ”

Can people learn to be gay?

One is either born gay or not born gay. There are areas in the brain that determine whether one will have sexual feelings towards the same or opposite sex (sexual orientation).

Being gay cannot be learned. But one can learn to be involved in sexual activities. For instance children who are forced to have sexual activities with gay people may begin to be involved voluntarily in sexual activities with people of the same sex.

What are some of the factors that can affect a person’s sexuality?

A person’s sexuality can be affected by his or her sexual orientation and by others through force or coercion. One clear example is in adults who have been defiled as children.

Is gay-sm learned or natural?

“Gay-sm” refers to the sexual feelings a gay person feels towards a person of same sex (sexual orientation). This is natural, one is born with it. The term also refers to involvement in sexual activity with someone of same sex. This is either through coercion (through defilement or rape)... or can be learned such as what happens in children introduced to homosexual activity.

How come there are people who are gay and later leave homosexuality. Such people are usually referred to as former homosexuals?

Homosexual people cannot “leave” homosexuality. Just like one cannot leave their race, say black, white or mixed. But one can stop having sexual relations with people of same sex. One can also deny to others that they are gay. This does not change his or her sexual orientation.

from Of Sex and a Community
Date: Sunday, April 24, 2011
Written by: Blogger GayUg Teen (Student)

Can I let you in on a little Secret? I haven't had sex in.....ever. Of course that's if your definition of sex between two guys is limited to the idea of putting something into a hole. Expand your definition of sex and that sends the day I lost my virginity way behind, embarrassingly behind! Anal sex terrifies me! I had known I liked boys since I was around five and had an immense crush on my class teacher...he was a fox; I however only learnt about anal ten years later and those brats I told you about were joking about what went down in a certain boys' secondary schools.Still the whole idea was all too abstract and mundane to me. I then started to think that I was the only gay person that did not automatically think anal was the way to go.

Can medical personnel... especially a psychologist or psychiatrist treat someone who is gay?

Noone can change the sexual orientation of a person. The clinical psychologist can only help someone cope with the psychological experiences (anger, shame, low self-esteem, anxiety, depression... etc) that the homosexual person may have especially if the environment does not allow him or her to freely express his or her feelings towards people of same sex. Professional counselors can also provide the same support.

The psychiatrist will treat mental disorders such as depression, suicidal behavior... etc which may result if the homosexual person is not helped to cope with the psychological experiences or stress.

Apart from counseling... what other methods can be used to have a homosexual drop the act?

Like I mentioned earlier... counseling cannot change one’s sexual orientation. There is no medical method available that can change a person’s sexual orientation. Forcing homosexual people to “drop the act” is violation of their right to express their sexuality as clearly provided for in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to which Uganda is a signatory.

from Losers, Incoveniences and Monsters
Date: Thursday, March 31, 2011
Written by: Blogger GayUg Teen (Student)

Loser of the decade?

So the anti-homosexuality bill was shelved…or trashed, whatever…put your hands up if you saw that one coming? I’m not amused though, I find it really hard to be amused by anything these days. Much as I want to go all ‘wooohooo!’ on poor poor Bahati I just can’t, because lets face it folks, however much bills are trashed, there will still be people out there that think like him and Ssempa…and the thought of it, the thought of millions of others that are in that mindset…that’s just a new level of depressing.

What could possibly be done to educate the multitudes of Africans out there that think I should be put to death, in the name of religions that were shipped onto this continent from oceans away. Oh God no! I sound like Betty Kamya. What I’m trying to say is when does this all stop? The point where we stop fighting and every human being accepts the next one for who they are…when does that time come? I’m sure many of you ask yourselves this. Well, I’m done wondering…that time may be far off, or near…but who the hell cares? Isn’t the point of life to live in the now?

Salt n Pepa - Let's Talk About Sex (1991)

By Olive Eyotaru Yemima
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First published: June 17, 2011
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