Uganda Elections 2006: NRM-O States Their Vision

Uganda Elections 2006: NRM-O States Their Vision

NRM-O gives the key points of their vision for Uganda.

By Ultimate Media Consult
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First published: December 28, 2005

  • The government will introduce social health insurance to protect the formal and informal sectors against exorbitant expenditure on health services.
  • Eradication of malaria through distribution of free mosquito nets
  • Increase teachers’ salaries from shs150, 000 to shs200, 000 per month starting 2006/2007 financial year.
  • Promotion of political Union of East Africa
  • To undertake construction of large estates to house the poor who do not have where to live.
  • Increasing tarmac roads by 400kms, making the total of tarmac roads in the country to 3,199kms.
  • Fight poverty through a new micro-finance mechanism to encourage the creation of savings and credit cooperatives.
  • Sensitizing the population to engage in high value crops, which will have high yields.
  • Promote processing of Uganda’s raw materials to add value to Uganda’s products and create jobs for the youths.
  • Rehabilitation of war ravaged areas of Lango and Teso so that people in Internally Displaced Peoples camps go back to their villages.
  • To enforce deliberate policy to effect afforestation on all bare hills to protect the environment.
  • To build three new power dams namely Bujagali, Kalagala and Karuma.
  • To build a vocational school per sub-county
  • To increase access to clean and safe water to 72%
  • To decentralize administrative functions to the parish level.
  • To expand the land fund to pay off landlords.

Manifesto: NRM-O states their vision: Way forward


We shall continue to build the infrastructure such as roads, schools and hospitals, and shall attract more investment by the private sector in these areas. We shall expand the Energy and Mining, Communications and the Water sectors. Furthermore, we shall pursue the promotion of ICTs to increase our competitiveness in the globalized economy.


As we continue to promote the tourism industry by giving incentives such as tax holidays and tax exemptions on hotel inputs, we shall, in addition, set up a special fund for those who wish to invest in the tourism and hospitality business.

Defence and Security

We shall continue to professionalize and modernize the army and the police for the security and defence of our country in line with the tenets of the East African Federation. Working closely with both and the Sudan government and the SPLA, we will continue to pursue the remnants of LRA until there is total peace in northern Uganda as we resettle people in IDP camps back into their homes.


We shall continue to implement a strategy of afforestation and reforestation by involving all the local administration, and formulate a policy that will ensure that school children become active participants in tree planting and other environmental issues. We shall promote the use of brickets as an alternative use to charcoal and wood fuel, with a purpose of slowing down the destruction of our forests

By Ultimate Media Consult
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First published: December 28, 2005
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