Uganda Elections 2006: Key Points of Dr. Besigye's Manifesto

Uganda Elections 2006: Key Points of Dr. Besigye's Manifesto

Dr. Besigye's plan.

By Gerald Rulekere
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First published: January 8, 2006

Rebuilding trust in the government: FDC says that a truly democratic, open and honest government is long overdue. We are determined to restore constitutionalism and rid this country of bad governance characterized by false promises, corruption, patronage and nepotism, their manifesto reads in part.

Providing Security for all: FDC will urgently end the conflicts in northern Uganda, and to ensure rehabilitation and socio-economic rehabilitation. FDC also says they will uphold the rule of law and maintain total peace across the country.

Delivery of Economic Opportunity for all: FDC says they will transform Ugandas economy with an agenda for growth, investment in agriculture, small and medium term industries, infrastructure and promotion of production, job creation and competitiveness in both urban centers and the countryside.

Investing in our people: FDC believes that every Ugandan must be transformed into a skilled, competent, highly productive individual, in order for us to achieve rapid, sustainable economic growth and national transformation.

FDC says they will invest in quality education and skills training, quality healthcare and health service provision to unleash the potential of our people of Ugandans.

Respecting international credibility and respect: FDC will turn Uganda from a fomenter of conflicts in East and Central Africa to a builder of peace and regional economic and political integration.

At the same time, the FDC government will collaborate in the fight against world terrorism, and enhance our credibility in the region and the world.

In summary

Rebuilding trust in government

  • Defending democracy and freedom

  • Zero tolerance of corruption

  • Eliminating government waste and mismanagement

  • Strengthening checks and balances in government

    Providing Security for all

  • Protecting the constitution and human rights

  • Promoting peace and reconciliation

  • Upholding the rule of law and independence of the judiciary

  • Ending state terrorism and repression.

    Delivering Economic Opportunity for all

  • Skills training to create more jobs

  • Increasing investment in agriculture, industry and services

  • Developing roads, water, electricity and housing

    Investing in our people

  • Providing high quality education for all

  • Investing more in healthcare

  • Delivering social security in old age

    Restoring pride in Uganda

  • Building a united Uganda

  • Strengthening cooperation in the region and in the world

  • Improving the image of the country.

  • By Gerald Rulekere
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    First published: January 8, 2006
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