Uganda Elections 2006: Bwanika's Vision  (Verbatim)

Uganda Elections 2006: Bwanika's Vision (Verbatim)

"My government will utilise the advantage of the central position of Uganda..."

By Gerald Rulekere
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First published: January 3, 2006

My political vision is to ensure that "Poverty becomes history" amongst Ugandans by making the country a global food basket, a global tourist centre, a global information technology workstation, and a regional shopping centre.

Global food basket
Uganda is endowed and blessed with such a unique and abundant wealth of fertile land, fresh water bodies, mineral and unmatched beauty that the world recognises her as the 'Pearl of Africa'. My government will guide the nation increasing wealth from the abundant resources so that she can feed and provide a decent livelihood for her children and for the children of the population of the entire region.

Global tourist center
Uganda has been blessed with various natural resources e.g. vegetation, water bodies, flora and fauna and a rich cultural heritage. My government will transform Uganda into a global tourism centre. Most of the wildlife Uganda has is not found elsewhere in the world and this has led to an influx of tourists into the country. To attract tourists my government will identify, develop and gazette all tourist sites, tarmac all roads leading to these sites and develop the essential infrastructure; advertise all tourist attractions; market promotions globally and beef up security.

IT workstation
Uganda is suitably located and has a bid percentage of English-speaking community, which can be tapped into for the development of the global IT workstation.

My government will utilise the advantage of the central position of Uganda being in the middle of the biggest World economies i.e. US and Japan, and China, which is an emerging world economy. We will further take advantage of the fact that most Ugandans speak good English, which is an asset that can be exploited in call centers.

My government will shop for jobs in the said economies and establish the necessary infrastructure in order to create employment for the many graduates who finish tertiary education without hope for a job.

My government will negotiate with countries that need skilled labour from Uganda and allow export of professionals under an organised system. The government will further negotiate for remittance of part of the levied taxes against various Ugandans working abroad, with a view that the taxpayers' money was used in training the said employees.

Shopping center
Uganda is strategically located and has the potential to become a regional shopping centre for the neighbouring countries like; Tanzania, Kenya, Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Burundi.
My government will endeavour to develop this potential.
My vision is to unite as Ugandans for Peace, Progress and Prosperity. My government will strike to uphold the following values:

  • Uphold the rule of law; democracy and good governance and constitutionalism
  • Promote social and economic justice
  • Restore hope and development to conflict-affected areas
  • Speed up national transformation

    I therefore appeal to you to support me and vote for a candidate who is committed to the issues that matter.

  • By Gerald Rulekere
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    First published: January 3, 2006
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