Miss California Competes for Northern Uganda

Miss California Competes for Northern Uganda

Miss California Competes for Northern Uganda on the Fear Factor show on NBC. She then goes to compete for Miss USA 2005 in Baltimore, MD.

By Henry Kiiwa Musoke
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First published: April 12, 2005

It is 8 p.m Monday, April 11th and I am alone in my living room having roast turkey for dinner. My big screen TV is tuned on to NBC but my mind is far away, thinking about the imminent trip to Uganda and all the things that need to be done. All of a sudden Fear Factor comes on and in this episode there are about eight contestants from the upcoming Miss USA 2005. On this Fear Factor show, instead of winning the regular $50,000, the winner walks away with $25,000 while the remaining $25,000 goes to a charity of her choice. Being a Fear Factor fan, beside the other variables injected into this particular episode, I decide to watch.

Anyone who follows Fear Factor knows that the brothers and sisters don’t do too well on the show, especially when the competitions involve some swimming. So naturally I am on my sofa making noise for the only sister in the show, Miss District of Columbia. The petite, sexy sister better win.

Right from the start Miss DC represents and beats all the other girls to the point where they fear her most. In the second last phase of the competition though, it is Miss California, a cheerful, friendly, sexy brunette, that wins and I am hoping that there is no way she can beat Miss DC in the final round. For winning this phase, she gets to pick the order in which the three remaining girls will take their turn in the final round.

It is no surprise that she picks Miss DC to go first. Anyone who watches Fear Factor knows that you want to let the strong members go first to weaken them by not letting them learn from the other competitors. Miss California is not shy about admitting the reasons to her decision making process and Miss DC responds with a confident grin. Each of the girls is to now announce in front of the camera, which charity they wish to support should they win. Miss DC does so and, in my eager anticipation of watching her do well, I fail to hear or care about what charity she wants to support. Short, fast and fearless as she is, Miss DC sets the bar very high for the other girls. There is no way the other girls are going to beat her. The second finalist follows and fails to beat the sister.

The tables turned in the last 5 minutes of the show and I found myself no longer cheering for Miss DC. Miss California, 20-year-old Brittany Hogan, announces that if she won, the $25,000 would go to the Invisible Children’s Organization to help the children of Northern Uganda and she then gave us a sentence or two about the problems in Northern Uganda. Black or white, Miss Cali is now THE sister and I desperately want her to win as I watch her compete and almost beat Miss DC.

Brittany fails to win for Northern Uganda in Fear Factor and although I am disappointed, it is now 9 p.m and they announce that Miss USA 2005 is about to begin. I remained seated ready to do another unexpected hour on my couch. Surely people will see what I saw in Brittany and make her win. She just has to win and maybe do something for Northern Uganda.

Miss USA 2005 begins with the selection of the final 15 girls. By the time they randomly announce the first ten, Brittany is nowhere to be seen until finally “Miss California” is announced. She goes on to making it to the final 10. There is something awkward about her that at times makes me doubt her but she is clearly the most natural on stage and it is clear that the judges are liking this about her. In case she does not get very far, the sisters Miss Pennsylvania and Miss Maryland(the show took place in Baltimore, MD) are my backups for support and they are total knock outs.

Brittany makes it to the final 5 and at this point I’m thinking we have a UGPulse story on our hands. Maybe once crowned as Miss USA she will actually do some work and raise awareness of the situation in the North. Miss Pennsylvania and Miss Maryland do not make it in the final 5.

Then came the stage when the girls each ask themselves questions. Brittany's question was something like, “If you were given the chance to know your future, what would you want to know?” Which crazy contestant thought of such a nutty question? Brittany goes on to saying something about not being willing to answer the question because of some crap about spontaneity saying that she would not enjoy the present if she focused on the future. The crowd loves her and claps but I bite my lips. That is not answering the question.

Then comes along Miss North Carolina whose question to her is like “Ray” is to Jamie Foxx. She is already beautiful and in full control and so, they ask her which role model she sees herself as close to being to. She brilliantly chooses “Oprah”, although so would probably ninety percent of the well rehearsed contestants, and tells us about Oprah's accomplishments. Her confidence is very high and her approach is very lady-like un like the seemingly fun Brittany.

So it was time to select the next Miss USA 2005 from the five contestants.

The Fourth runner up is not Miss California.

The Third runner up ……is not Miss California.

The Second runner up…………………….IS NOT MISS CALIFORNIA!!!


The First runner up…………Brrrrrrrr!!!!! Trrrrrr!!!!!

The First runner up ……is Miss California, leaving Miss North Carolina to be crowned as the new Miss USA 2005.

Oh Well!!! Maybe Miss Uganda will do something about helping us with the situation in Northern Uganda. Thanks all the same Brittany for your participation in the Invisible Children Organization and for this you should have won!

By Henry Kiiwa Musoke
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First published: April 12, 2005
Henry Kiiwa Musoke is visitor and honored member of UGPulse.com.
He can be contacted at kiiwa@ugatechusa.net.