Jude Staggers Back from the Christmas Weekend
Dancing at Bativa Hotel Christmas 2005.

Jude Staggers Back from the Christmas Weekend

Jude makes it back from a weekend of mad partying in Kampala. If this is how the Christmas was, what about this New Year's weekend.

By Jude Bukenya
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First published: December 30, 2005

If you still don't have the real answer of what the Christmas season is to Ugandans, I can authoritatively tell you that for many it means a day of partying and enjoying fun.

I remember Bishop Balagadde Sekadde at Namirembe Cathedral during the Christmas service warning against celebrating the day with lots of drinking, and 'immoral' fun. But how many people headed the advise of the man of God?

I had heard that Ugandans have even developed a saying that there is no happiness that goes with out drinking and this time round they lived the saying.

After the usual downing of a big meal every Ugandan associates with Christmas, many flocked entertainment venues theatres and nightclubs. Even those who resorted to stay at their homes, they never kept their fridges resting as they downed every thing that had been stocked for the days while others kept on making orders at the nearby shops.

 Dancing Christmas 2005.

I was around Makerere at a friends place but it took me time to understand what had really happened at Bativa hotel in Makerere Kivulu until I recalled that Eagles Production had staged a hot show dubbed the X-mass fete that showcased why the group is fancied by many Ugandans.

When I joined celebrants at Bat Valley, Meseach Semakula, Geofrey Lutaaya, Ronald Mayinja among others showed why fun had to be the only cause for the day when they poured out their all to give the fans what they referred to as the real Christmas fete.

As the singing took its right course many of the revelers were deeply married to drinking and shouting on top of their voices whenever their best songs would strike loud from the speakers.

Thank God the beer prices had not been upped in most places and the supply had matched the numbers in almost all happening places. With a bottle costing only 1,500 shillings, those with happy wallets could not hold them selves to a few bottles. You could see rounds and rounds being ordered from every corner of the hotel and I almost regretted why I don't drink. People really seemed to be having fun. Moreover, many had come for this as a special outing with their loved ones and friends too.

The show was boosted by the performances from other famous local artists Jose Chameleon, Butcher man of the Lwaki Temumatila fame, General Mega Dee, Juliana Kanyomozi who spiced the show with hard rocking hits especially Nabikowa song.

As the Eagles Production were celebrating a big turn up for their show, I had to leave for another venue where the Afri comedians had a test to prove to the small audience that turned up to watch their play Embalabasa at their new home Odeon Theatre at Fido Dido along Kampala Road.

Despite giving one of the most unique advertisements and drive show around the city on Christmas Eve by the comedians them selves, drawing attention of the whole pedestrian and motoring public evaded Uganda's star comedian group.

Afri Comedians' Paddy Bitama of Ddembe fm, Amooti Omubalanguzi of Radio Simba, Messe Musiggazi of Ddembe fm, Kayibanda of CBS fm and Paddy Kigere are known for their thrilling and rib breaking jokes and comedies that even saw them flying out to the United Kingdom to show case Uganda's talent did not have the expected returns from the Christmas Embalabasa show.

However, most of those who attended the show went home praising the laughter causing jokes and jibes they were treated to while others retired to pubs to down some bottle as well as preparing for more partying in famous Kampala night clubs.

I headed to Pride Theatre, the home of the Bakayinbira drama actors who had staged a play that exposed the tricks that cheating women use. Tackling current social issues as usual. The show was spiced up with live music and dance performances that continued to draw cheers from the crowd.

At Bat Valley Theatre, the Afri talents displayed skills in a play Sebalamu Tebesigwa that reflected on the various problems people on kyeyo abroad suffer when they send money home for some businesses and building of houses only to return and find when their money was not put to the right use. How many of you are familiar with this story?

It is on such a day you realize that though Ugandans love partying and booze, many choose quiet fun in the theatres.

Diamonds Ensemble was also busy thrilling their audience in a show Okufa no'butanyagwa at cooper theatre in the city center with fun treated episodes from famous actors like Kato Lubwama 'bisso' among others.

I decided to crown my day's fun by going to clubs. There was this new club opening at Kibuye called Imbecap where famous Capital fm DJ Alex Ndaula was spinning disks to the teenage filled audience from the whole of Makindye division and surrounding areas.

As the music rolled at about 11:00 pm Alex went in and out of the DJ cabin and rolled the music while downing lots of Uganda Waragi and other drinks I couldn't comprehend. Even the fun goers had a turn at the drinks that almost left some pockets empty because the price of beer had been more than doubled inside the joint.

I later went to Club Silk, almost tired and headed for the seats. But the music forced me off the seat and I soon joined revelers taking strokes on the new raggaetone beats of Robert Kelly among others as Dj Shiru showed the audience that he was undisputable as far as mixing raga and raggeatones is concerned. DJ Alberto was soon on song, spinning the machines which vomited out the latest hip hop and R&B music that saw the teens flocking the floor shaking their waists and whatever their mama gave them.

Waiters in the club could not rest as the audience kept on downing bottle by bottle at the same time making orders to keep up the mood of the party.

I was also forced to down more bottles of mineral water and later saw off the day at around 4:00 am when I left to go and rest. It was an eventful Christmas. Which makes me wonder is what the new year’s eve, a period many people have maximum fun, will be like.

By Jude Bukenya
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First published: December 30, 2005
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