Jude Checks out the Christmas Joints in Kampala
Jude Bukenya.

Jude Checks out the Christmas Joints in Kampala

Jude checks out the happening joints in Kampala this weekend and the rest of the festive season.

By Jude Bukenya
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First published: December 24, 2005

After finalizing with your paymaster for this December, you must be thinking of how to spend your money this Christmas. At this time the hangout opportunities are flashing up from almost all the guys who know how to spend cash and there is some serious partying at every joint in town this weekend.

As I was moving out in town on Wednesday evening, all the happening places were busy refurbishing to meet the respected standards that will create the desired ambience for their Christmas celebrations.

I started by checking out Nakulabye and Wandegeya, some of the happening places in Kampala, that have conquered the world of roasted pork. I found the places more than geared up to host all kinds of people who like to crush bones and enjoy eating in the open air.

With their DSTV and music to celebrate the occasion, two of the famous joints here, Porktalk and Nicodemus, were all set for the weekend and ready to compete for Kampala’s big spenders. Friday was not a day to be missed for pork lovers here.

When I visited Ntinda and Makindye, it seemed like the pork joints were following the same agenda at the Deep Pub and the surrounding preparations for Friday were kicking high. While at AY Pub in Makindye, musicians like the members of the Eagles Production (Misach Semakula, Ronald Mayinja, Catherine Kusasira, Geofrey Lutaaya et al) were meeting to draw programs for their weekend performances there.

One of the attendants told me that the some people were already placing pork orders at the joints, which forced the owners to send teams to the villages to get fresh pigs for the season and that they would be in town by Thursday evening. So you must not miss on the fresh cuts from those ends.

Having checked out the Friday agenda on the city outskirts, I headed for the main city center to famous happening places to see the preparations for the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, which I am sure many of the people have been planning for.

I started my trek at Steakout Pub along Lumumba Avenue where the attendants told me that it is going to be hotter this year round and have promised the goers to expect the best music throughout the season and a crowd that will go along, way until the end of the season, with lots of drinks at the most affordable prices in town.

Later I proceeded to Sabrina’s Pub along Bombo road where I found everything ready to catch the eyes of the public who wish to spend their time there. The big boss Hope Mukasa (hope you have heard her sweet songs?) says that the place is more than ready to host the public at the most affordable cost adding that the club is fully equipped with music that will keep the music lovers happy.

Along Kampala road, the famous Victoria Tavern is another catching point where guys with the happiest wallets and trendy designs will meet to down all sorts of wines, spirits, beers and sodas you have ever heard of. All I can say is that a lot of the drinks have been stocked to the limit.

TLC, along George Street and Kasalinas along Speke Road are the other two trendy drinking spots in the heart of the city. Their music selections will not only stop at keeping you relaxed but also will more than likely get you on the dance floor.

If you love having fun along with a big crowd and women with the most amazing designs you have to be at Rock Gardens, where the Rock Bar is fully stocked to leave all pockets and appetite for fun empty. The sound system is in place as usual to treat your ears to the best oldies on Saturday, and a variety surprise until the 26th December.

For you the rich fun going parents, you should not miss places like Faze Two along Nakasero road and Blue Africa at the Crested Towers which will provide you with comfort and a breeze to talk about politics and business and to also make plans for your families as you enjoy yourself in a quiet environment.

What about the New Year’s?

Now, for the teens and young adults, I know your taste is just definitely for fun in the clubs and loud music that will make you sweat until the break of dawn.

Angenoir, which has just hosted the Street Carnival, has not changed its program that will run almost throughout the week. So many of us can get a chance to party in the club from the opening day, Lady’s nite, Variety nite, Oldskool among other famous theme nights, till it closes with the best DJs around town.

Not forgetting that Angemystic is ready for you parents too, but you must make sure that you do not get caught by your own sons and daughters poaching in there since the two clubs are almost the same. So have your fun responsibly.

Club Silk on the other hand has promised the latest hits on globe and fun from the west with the best DJS around town. This place is especially ideal for teens that hope to meet their buddies for fun in this festive season.

But as you go clubbing or having fun, remember that booze is in full stock to wipe anybody down and to give newsmen stories for the next day especially if you engage in that disorderly business in public and when you dress up in a manner that warrants their attention.

Let the partying begin!

By Jude Bukenya
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First published: December 24, 2005
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