Ultimate Media Consult Celebrates 3 Years
Sophie Namigadde, Ultimate Media Consult reporter at work.

Ultimate Media Consult Celebrates 3 Years

You can create your own jobs and be responsible for your own living.

By Risdel Kasasira
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First published: June 5, 2006

Many people think it is not possible for fresh university graduates to come together and create successful companies. But if we are to go by the example of Ultimate Media Consult (U) Ltd, which on June 2, 2006 celebrated 3 years of active existence, many people who are looking for jobs could do better by joining together and offering their services to whoever can utilize them.

This was the point underscored by Gerald Businge Ateenyi, the Chief Executive Officer of Ultimate Media Consult, a multi-dimensional media company in Uganda of and by Mass Communication Journalism graduates. He says that the company, which was started, by fresh university graduates and students on June 2, 2003, after more than a year of planning, has excelled in offering daily news among other media services.

Gerald Businge Ateenyi, the Chief Executive Officer of Ultimate Media Consult
Gerald Businge Ateenyi, the Chief Executive Officer of Ultimate Media Consult.

As part of the 3rd anniversary celebrations, the company launched their website www.ultimatemediaconsult.com in order to be accessible to the whole world..

"We found it imperative to have a website to show the world who we are, what we can offer them, and interact with them on the World Wide Web," Businge says.

Businge says UMC which was started by fresh graduate journalists and media practitioners in 2003 is now working with local and international companies in media related issues and adds that the website will help the company make its services known.

"The website is helping us to share information about our company services and members, as well as our unique stance on employment creation through focusing on creating opportunities for members to practice and gain accordingly instead of jobs, which are increasingly becoming scarce," he said in an interview.

The Chairman and the founder member of Ultimate Media Consult, Gideon Munaabi says the launch of the web is a big achievement to the organization particularly in this era of Information, Communication and Technology.

"The website we are launching tonight is a promotional website which gives information about Ultimate Media and helps the public and particularly prospective partners and clients to contact the organization," Munaabi says.

Munaabi wants the government through the new Ministry of Information Technology to come up with policies that encourage the use of the technology because if it is not done, a lot of information may be put on websites and may not easily be accessed.

The Chairman and the founder member of Ultimate Media Consult, Gideon Munaabi
The Chairman and the founder member of Ultimate Media Consult, Gideon Munaabi.

The website was designed by UgaTechUSA, the company that also runs www.ugpulse.com, one of the main partner organizations of Ultimate Media Consult.

Ultimate Media Consult (UMC) has over 40 members who work and benefit according to what they have contributed in its seven divisions of News, Public Relations, Advertising, Production and Research.

The seven divisions are interlinked in work but different in management and administration for effective running.

Businge gave an example of Public Relations division, which manages corporate functions from where news and feature stories are written and edited, by the news division and sent to the already partnering local and international clients. Although the company runs the seven interlinked divisions, as a business strategy UMC is concentrating on news where it has a comparative advantage.

"Our leading service is supplying daily news and feature articles to different print and electronic media houses and publications, which we have done since August 2003," Businge says.

A Features meeting outside the office
A Features meeting outside the office.

Under News Division, UMC offers general consultancy services in media management and editorial issues like training of journalists. Apart from news, UMC (through its members) also offers consultancy Public Relations; publicity, organisational communication and media Relations services.

Businge says they also offer Communication and Audience Research services, technical (know how) Advertising services on how to best sell or promote products and services; as well as video recording and documentation. "All these services are offered from the company's team of qualified and competent members, who have studied and excelled in these media and communication fields," Isingoma John, UMC's Secretary General.

He says the company in the three years has also developed a Production Division which is managing and/or producing magazines, newsletters for companies and help them better meet their communication needs, in addition to video production services.

UMC Risdel Kasasira filming
UMC Risdel Kasasira filming.

Businge says UMC has made a great achievement of offering progressive and relevant news and public relations services, which have benefited many Ugandans. He says many people and organisations, locally and internationally, have welcomed UMC's multidimensional media services, which has enabled the company to create more opportunities for its members to practice gainfully.

"More importantly, Ultimate Media Consult has given our members Hope; Hope that they can do something to make their lives better continuously and forever through practicing in our different divisions. I can tell you that every other day that passes, many of us live with more hope that things are about to get better and bigger for UMC and its members, if only we can keep focused and put in the necessary effort," says Businge.

Ultimate Media Consult Mutundwe office
Ultimate Media Consult Mutundwe office.

In line with the organization's objectives, UMC has been able to do skills development for member practitioners through trainings and practice manuals and books; carried out major researches on newspaper readership preferences, communication needs of organisations and the current one on editorial policies of media houses in Uganda and how they influence media content.

Businge wants a vigorous and continuous marketing system for the company to as many organisations as possible and continue working for promoting progress of the human race and encouraging people to utilise their abilities and situations to prosper. He also advises practicing members to have concerted skills development and says the company will recruit more members to increase on its capacity to offer more and better professional media services.

"We are also looking at innovations in our daily services even news to make it better and different from the news reported by other people. We have also long harboured a dream of having a syndicating studio where news and relevant programs we collect and produce could be broadcast to different radio and television stations so that more quality news reach Ugandans. These are plans we can only accomplish with other people who share our vision," says Businge who is also a founding member of UMC.

By Risdel Kasasira
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First published: June 5, 2006
To learn more about Ultimate Media Consult go to www.ultimatemediaconsult.com.

Risdel Kasasira is a graduate Journalist who reports for Ultimate Media Consult. He has worked for The Daily Monitor, Radio Uganda and has done several communication related consultancies. He is also the Research Executive at Ultimate Media Consult (U) Ltd.